About Us

I am a professional event organiser in Auckland and my company, EventSmart, has over 13 years of experience in Events and Conference management in New Zealand, Australia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the USA. We tailor your events and we create inspired and memorable Conferences in unforgettable destinations like Sydney, Brisbane, New York, Las Vegas, Bangkok, Phuket, Copenhagen, Paris, Florence, London, Berlin, Cape Town.

We have been creating memories as PCO with passion and consistency for medium and large companies and associations, for example Hi-Tech companies, Medical Associations, Building Organisations, Tourism Organisations, Legal and Banking Industries.

Companies that have been trusting us with their Meetings, Conferences and Events with our creative styling and unique concept design: Huawei Technology, 2 Degrees Mobile, Kuehne-Nagel, Auckland University, Ricoh, SIMX, 7th day Adventist Association USA, NZPI, Embroidery Association, School Business Managers Association, NZ Marketing Association, NZ Chiropractic Association, National Mini Storage,  and many others.

Out Clients

Our clients include:

Huawei Technology; 2 Degrees Mobile; Kuehne-Nagel; Auckland University; Ricoh; SIMX; Southwestern Adventist University USA; New Zealand Planning Institute; Embroidery Association; School Business Managers Association; NZ Marketing Association; NZ Chiropractic Association; National Mini Storage; Laura Fergusson Trust; Hospice South Auckland; Hawkins Interiors; Qantas; Sharp; Mondo Travel; Deloittes; New Zealand Marketing Association; Halberg Association; Young & Partners; Youth Horizons; New Zealand College of Chiropractic; IMAGR; DHL; APX Travel; Fonterra; Bunnings; 2 Cheap Cars

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