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Wilna van Eyssen

Owner & Director

I am a Certified Event Manager with the Professional Conference Organisers Association Australia and New Zealand and a Chamber of Commerce member.

Originally from South Africa, I came to New Zealand over 15 years ago and eventually started my business as event organiser after an old boss hinted that this was the right line for me. With the support of a lot of amazing people along the way, and no family in New Zealand, it’s easy to focus on work at all hours, especially in the beginning when friends joined in to help make the events happen as support staff, coffee carriers, setup staff etc (some still joke now and say they are my oldest employees…). To this day I have a trusted group of individuals who help me execute events, small to very large.

We have since then successfully executed a large number of conferences and events across the globe. No job is too big or too small for us! As a small business in New Zealand, we know the challenges that companies face managing and organising events, and we are here to help you with those. We are a down to earth team and put a personal touch on all the events we do.

My team and I love a challenge, so chat to us about your next event and let’s make it happen.

T: 021 517222 / 09 5745989 or via email

My team

Find out more about EventSmart including Conferences and Events we manage for our clients. Inspiration starts here! Let’s show you who our trusted clients are and then let’s chat about what inspires you for your next event.

I am a professional event organiser in Auckland and my company, EventSmart, has over 13 years of experience in Events and Conference management. The team at EventSmart create memories in New Zealand, Australia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the USA. Events are tailored and created with inspiration, while memorable Conferences in unforgettable destinations like Sydney, Brisbane, New York, Las Vegas, Bangkok, Phuket, Copenhagen, Paris, Florence, London, Berlin, Cape Town will leave your guests inspired.

We are dedicated and passionate about what we do, and as a result, my team and I have been creating memories as PCO (Professional Conference Organisers) with passion and consistency for medium and large companies and associations. These included Hi-Tech companies, Medical Associations, Building Organisations, Tourism Organisations, Legal and Banking Industries.

Clients who trust us with their work…

Companies that have been trusting us with their Meetings, Conferences and Events with our creative styling and unique concept design include: Huawei Technology, 2 Degrees Mobile, Kuehne-Nagel, Auckland University, Ricoh, SIMX, 7th day Adventist Association USA, NZPI, Embroidery Association, School Business Managers Association, NZ Marketing Association, NZ Chiropractic Association, National Mini StorageAuckland Council, Inspire and many others.